Birthday Photo Booth Design – Got it colored & Test Printed

After multiple changes and and refinements, I finally get to this stage. I mostly prefer black line art with cel-shaded rendering in my work, however I make another variation with colored line art, which works better on the darker background; black line art version will stand out more on lighter background, which visually pops out more.

I have them test-printed in A4 size, then get them mounted and evaluate the look and feel. A name can be added into the photo booth, on the top section for this design. Hmmm…I need a model to stand behind the photo booth, a tiny one I believe.

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Party Photo-Booth Design Line Art – Theme Birthday

After some elimination of unwanted elements, I have the line art ready for coloring. I drawn in Adobe Photoshop in a AO size canvas. Initially I was thinking to use Adobe Illustrator, which is flexible for resizing in vector graphics, but I still go for Photoshop; I will jump around among graphic apps depend on the subject matters.

The next step will be coloring and refining the necessary elements, then do test print for color accuracy and mounting on few finished sizes. Color accuracy part is my true headache due to different color profiles on so many different brand of large format printers in the market. I have to look into this issue more in order to have the closest results.

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Party Photo-Booth Design – Theme Birthday

Kicking off creating some party props design, I spent sometime doodling for ideas, and eventually jumping into photo-booth first. After going through some theme research, I have shortlisted a long theme list; also decided to go for one of the most general – Birthday Celebration.

There are so many ways to design under a single theme, so I just go for what I’m good at, cute characters – a bunny, a kitty, and a teddy. The big open mouth of the characters serve as the window frame for photo shooting, initially I made them holding a birthday cake with candles, party hats on the heads, and party decor. However I ditched the birthday cake and replaced by things that the characters like the most, e.g. bunny likes carrot, kitty likes fish, and teddy likes honey. Anyway it is birthday, you deserve what you like most on that day. As well as other variant decor elements that will differ each design looks and feels.

There few sizes of the photo-booth to consider, I have decided to create the master version in AO size; then down-size to other dimension if necessary. The design concepts n draft were ready, time to execute the work, I picked Adobe Photoshop as my tool. Stay tune for future updates of the development progress.

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