Cooking Piracy In Progress

After spending sometime doodling about Pirates stuffs, I have finally shortlisted a few concepts for the Pirates theme design items. Here are some sneak peeks during the digital drafting process. I believe that I can work out two photo booths for this Pirates theme, together with other props to support them.

I have to try my best to balance the visual complexity and the weight of these designs, which is sometime very hard for me to do so, need to keep reminding myself “less is more”. I will reveal more further down the process.

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Birthday Photo Booth Mini Photo Shoot

I manage to find two models to fit into this scaled down A4 size Birthday Photo Booth for a demo photo shoot. Let me present to you … Fluffy Bunny & Kuro (Black) Bunny! And check out the different results of having both black line art and colored line art on dark and bright backgrounds. Apparently the colored line art stands out from a darker background; and the black line art stands out from a brighter background, both variations serve their purposes.

Anyway, I have not tried to print the actual size (AO size), which I need to send to the large format print shop offers print-mount-die cutting (laser cut), and it will be quite costly. But the result will be superb! I will get back with an update if the actual size is printed.

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