Comics Corner

I started my interest in art and design from drawing caricatures and comics since when I was 6, so I see this is a very important part of my life and even though nowadays I have less time to pursue it; I will try my best to dig out some free time to draw as many as I can.

The stories are short and simple, from real life inspiration then exaggerated into something hilarious; twisted parody from third party materials, and etc. I hope you will find them enjoyable.

Color Printing Privilege In Office

Cough My Lungs Out

Calling All Deities! – A Disturbing Evening

Pokemon GO: How To Become A “Trainer”

Resident Evil: First Bite

Pokemon GO: Catch Them All~

Batman V Superman: MARTHA

Batman V Superman: The Door

Star Wars Battlefront: Emperor Palpatine’s Force Dash

Street Fighter V: The Red Cyclone

The Twisted Movie Spoiler – BEAR-BEAR酱

Star Wars Light Fingers

Welcome to Hazity: Unity and Harmony

Welcome to Hazity: Free Cigarette

Peasants’ Daily: Titanfall Delivery

Peasants’ Daily: Titanfall Touch down