Christmas 2018 & New Year e-Card 2019

Merry Christmas 2018 Variation 01

Happy New Year! I forgot to make my festive greeting here, my sincere apology. (Check out my Instagram)

Here is my recent festive e-card (or more like a poster) for 2018 Christmas and 2019 New Year.

So why our beloved Santa Claus turned into a scary villain? So I created multiple teasers to tell the reason why.

Teaser 01:

Teaser Xmas 2013

Teaser 02:

Teaser Xmas 2016

Teaser 03:

Teaser 04:

So I believe you have the basic understanding of the reason why – the DDF76 gangs LOVE to bully Santa Claus, so now it is pay back time.

So I’m really looking forward to the further development in 2019 Christmas.

* Alternate variation in black line art.

Merry Christmas 2018 Variation 02

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Happy Halloween 2018 from Mr. Hyde & Little Peter

Happy Halloween 2018 Digital Version


Redrawn the piece digitally using Photoshop, it results a totally different look and feel… that’s not good. The digital version looks too clean comparing to the more organic hand drawn version, with lines/strokes texture creating a roughen creepy feel.

Much to improve.


Better late than never, Happy Halloween guys!

This is kinda a last minutes piece, fully ink on paper with some color markers. Trying to build a habit of doing traditional manual drawing first then proceed to digital version. Kinda notice myself too rely on digital drawing and seldom picking up pencil/pen to draw, when doing so feeling a bit … “unnatural”. 

 I will go for a full digital version using Photoshop, just to see the comparison and hopefully in time able to close the gap of finishing differences.

Anyway, let me introduce Mr. Hyde and his poor victim little Peter.

#HappyHalloween2018 #PumpkinHead #Mr.Hyde #Peter #Mask

Happy Halloween 2018

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The Always Changing Bunny Sisters – Annie & Vinnie

Bunny Sisters - Annie & Vinnie

I have to admit that up until today, I still haven’t wrap up the final appearance of the twin sisters – Annie Bunny and Vinnie Bunny. I kinda spend more time changing this two more than the other two bunny characters – Barnie and Black.

This iteration is more mature presentation, unlike the few previous versions were more chibi presentation. Hard to imagine to have Barnie and Black made into such mature look.

#DayDreamFactory76 #AnnieBunny #VinnieBunny #BunnySisters

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Art Work for Day Dream Factory Website’s Flip Box Graphics

Drawing some art work in just black and white with screen tones for the website Flip Box section.

Since all the UI graphics in the website are all black & white/mono-toned; except the content. I do all the UI illustrations in the same manner. And I also love black & white drawing, simply just line art, strokes, hatching, and screen tones.

Day Dream Factory 76: Barnie Bunny Art Display
Day Dream Factory 76: Karen The Witch Cooking Pot
Day Dream Factory 76 : Vinnie Bunny Evolution

#DayDreamFactory #Black&WhiteDrawing #LineArt #MonoToned #ScreenTones #BarnieBunny #KarenTheWitch #VinnieBunny

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