Party Pirates Photo Booths…DONE!!

After taking sometime to do some tweaking and test print, I have also printed an actual size output for both designs, to have a physical visual evaluation. The printing quality from my local large format printing shop is quite satisfying, at least knowing that the printer (Epson) has a larger color gamut and results a pretty vibrant outcome.

However I also found that a few minor adjustment and design change required; first, the skull shaped cut-out opening has to reduce some horizontal width to allow bolder edges for both sides, the previous design had a wider opening width which caused both thin side edges, it may break apart due to the upper weight (refer to pic below).

As for the Pirate Captain face-frame, I’ve decided to change the cut-out opening to a more direct oval-shape opening, which is easily show-off the face; surrounded by black beard with additional separated mustache, which you can print it out, cut it, attach to a dowel stick.