Happy Chinese New Year 2016

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends (sounds like I’m not Chinese, but I am~), this is the year of the monkey, so I will draw about Monkey… king; a slightly twisted tale of the Journey to the West. And seeing it from Barnie Bunny point of view.

TangShanZhang (the monk) and his three disciples – SoonWuKong (monkey king), ZhuBaJie (piggy), and ShaWuJing (err… water element monster in human form..) are on the journey to the west for Buddhist pilgrimage. They experience tough time on the road and now they are hungry.

Meanwhile, the Bunny mutant (Barnie Bunny) and his minions are planning to capture NOT the monk BUT the golden-furred Monkey King; by capturing him in the year of the Monkey, Barnie will have ALL the fortune and good luck sided with him. So a brilliant plan is to lay a trap with some bananas as bait.

Back to the hungry pilgrims, the pathetic trap underestimates the Monkey King by using his magical staff to leap over and pick up the bananas; however the Monkey King still accidentally triggers the trap any got his pinky snapped and the pain turns him into a giant gorilla. You will know what happen next.

So cheers and enjoy the holidays!

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