What’s Next?

Announcing my next project: The Halloween Monster Universe or The Halloween Monster Party!! Halloween is coming very soon, it’s time to prepare for a monster party!

The design will base on a line-up of well known monsters like Vampire, Frankenstein, Mummy and more. The main design item is photo booth, together will supporting props. I will try my best to come out as many variations as possible,

Progress updates will be revealed in weekly basis. Expecting the finished items will be listed on Etsy in early October 2017.

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DayDream Factory 76 Is On Etsy Creative Market Place

I’m proud to announce that all the party props and photo booths that I recently created and shared are now available for sale at Etsy, the online creative market place. You can purchase them and download the items digitally, or place customization request (selected items only) as well.

If you are interested and located in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya), please contact me through email: daydreamfactory76@gmail.com, I can provide physical print, mounted and cut to finished product.

Do pay my Etsy shop a visit , and I welcome any feedback or input for future improvement.

#DayDreamFactory76 #photobooths #partyprops

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Pirates Themed Design Complete!

Finally finished the Pirates theme photo booth… wait, I think “photo frame” sounds more appropriate than “booth”. Anyway, now I’m working on some props to support the photo… frame, such as sword, eye patch, arm hook crook, and etc. By the way, that “beard” is actually separable from the photo frame, a standalone piece, so you can put on your beard anytime. Gosh still so much to do until this end of the month.

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