Pirates Themed Design Complete!

Finally finished the Pirates theme photo booth… wait, I think “photo frame” sounds more appropriate than “booth”. Anyway, now I’m working on some props to support the photo… frame, such as sword, eye patch, arm hook crook, and etc. By the way, that “beard” is actually separable from the photo frame, a standalone piece, so you can put on your beard anytime. Gosh still so much to do until this end of the month.

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Cooking Piracy In Progress

After spending sometime doodling about Pirates stuffs, I have finally shortlisted a few concepts for the Pirates theme design items. Here are some sneak peeks during the digital drafting process. I believe that I can work out two photo booths for this Pirates theme, together with other props to support them.

I have to try my best to balance the visual complexity and the weight of these designs, which is sometime very hard for me to do so, need to keep reminding myself “less is more”. I will reveal more further down the process.

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