The Halloween Monsters Party: Monster Masks Is Now Available For Sale with 20% Off At Etsy!

The Halloween Monsters Party: Monster Masks (Instant Digital Download) is now available for sale at my Etsy shop and enjoy 20% off on all Halloween items until Oct 31, 2017.

Instant digital download the PDF format file after the payment made, then PRINT on white 110 lb. cardstock, CUT, WEAR, & SCARE!

The series showcases a line up of classic monsters with alternate variations:

  1. Dracula Vampire
  2. Frankenstein Monster
  3. Wolfman / Werewolf
  4. Ghost
  5. Zombie
  6. Gill-Man from the Lagoon
  7. Mummy
  8. Jiang-Shi (Chinese Vampire)

Do drop by to have a look, and I hope you like it. Also any feedback are welcome for future improvement.

Happy Halloween and Happy Scaring!

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The Halloween Monsters Party Progress Updates 03

Halloween Monster mask design updates! I finally got the line art colored, my apology that I’m only able to reveal partially for this time being, due to some further color adjustment that still need to be dealt with; but I believe that you will get the full picture from the partial peek.

There will be two variations of each monster, both will be varied in slightly different detail level and visual ambiance. I will do the finishing test print on 200 gsm card stock; and kick start the photo booth design. 

#TheHalloweenMonstersParty #MonsterMask #photobooth #daydreamfactory76 #Halloween #HalloweenParty #Monsters

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The Halloween Monsters Party Progress Updates 02

I dived into the monster mask design first, further developed from the sketches that I posted last week and process them into line art digitally using Photoshop.

The selected monsters such as:

  1. Vampire (Dracula)
  2. Zombie
  3. Mummy
  4. Wolf-man
  5. Frankenstein
  6. Jiang-Shi (Chinese Vampire)
  7. Gill-man (or Fish-man)
  8. Ghost/Spirit

I came out two variations of each monster character, applying a slightly different facial feature instead of one.

I will print some mock-up samples by using card-stock, then proceed to coloring stage.

#TheHalloweenMonstersParty #MonsterMask #photobooth #daydreamfactory76 #Halloween #HalloweenParty #Monsters

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The Halloween Monsters Party Progress Updates

While researching the potential design items which can be done for this theme, besides the initial idea of producing photo booth; I will design the monster mask as well.

Here that I have drafted out plenty of sketches for the monster mask design; and I’m working on the photo booth ideas back-to-back. * pressured * I will reveal more sneak-peeks soon.

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